Are you looking for love that touches the mind, heart and senses? Register now and let our mystery man conquer your heart.


The significance of profound and everlasting love might just be the most precious personal goal to aspire to – for all of us. Are you looking for someone to share your life with? Someone standing proudly by your side, someone to share your deepest feelings with and all the lovely things life has to offer? If so, you might just be a few steps away from meeting your future partner…

Our client is a sophisticated, down-to-earth, responsible man in search of a gracious young woman, a true-life partner, with whom he can share his passions and devotion to world heritage as well as the simple pleasures in life. This hard working, warm-hearted and dedicated man hopes to find that special someone who stands by his side through every aspect of life.

Accomplices in love is all about finding true and complementary love for our client; an active, youthful 60-year-old man with great respect for mind and body and a strong physique, who has now decided to take a step back from his highly successful professional career and focus on his personal goals.

We are seeking a mature, worldly and intellectually curious young woman. Are you family-oriented, loving, caring and do you have a passion for nature, traveling and culture? Might you be that classy and positively energized woman who is eager to find genuine love based on mutual interests, values and experiences?

Share your life with someone who complements you.


Our time is limited and life is precious; it shouldn’t be lived alone. It takes two to become accomplices in love.

Travelling to breath-taking places, enjoying the wind on your face as you’re sailing the seas and spending time in nature. Wouldn’t you appreciate these things more when there is someone with you who you love and who loves you? When coming out of the pool after a lovely morning swim, wouldn’t you feel treasured when someone holds up a towel for you? Isn’t the joy of listening to a beautiful piece of music heightened by having someone to share your sighs with? Isn’t the surge of emotions when looking at a moving piece of art even stronger when you have a like-minded partner with whom to discourse about it?

Life isn’t complete without love; it’s simply in our DNA. If you have always envisioned your future partner in crime as a hardworking, cultured and devoted man, then our client might be just who you’ve been seeking. Our client loves life and is looking for a harmonious soul who shares his passions. A loving, caring and family-oriented woman with passions and an interest in the world, who likes to converse, travel and explore. Someone who can be a vision at a ball, yet happily puts on her boots for a nature walk. Together. Because it takes two to become one.


Are you a 32 to 38-year-old woman who fills the room with your natural beauty, sunny personality and spirited curiosity for all the treasures that life has to offer? Do you gracefully navigate high end circles, but just as easily enjoy being outside in nature, have healthy habits and nurture everyone around you with your charm, good manners and intellect? Are you ready for an exciting and joyful new future with an inspiring and loving man? Are you ready to make a change and go for true love? Then register here and maybe meet the man of your dreams!

Fill in the registration form if you think our mystery man could be the perfect match for you. In a next stage the Ivy team will contact you for a casual talk with one of the Ivy ladies.

Going forward the Ivy team will carefully select the most suitable profiles and get to know them better in a personal interview. Consequently, candidates will receive more details on the diligent process and continued execution of Ivy headhunting.


Why is the campaign named ‘Accomplices in Love’?

Love can take many forms. We all have different wants and needs when it comes to an intimate relationship. We see “accomplices in love” as two people, sharing a harmonious mind-set, living a requited, balanced and nurturing relationship. Two serene minds, meeting in heart and soul. In that sense, we hope the title of our quest inspires ladies that recognize themselves in this image to take a chance on love. 

Why does He want a woman from the specific countries where the campaign is run?

The choice of geographical targeting is the result of a brainstorming session in between our client and the Ivy team.

Our thorough research based on experience and methodology, has shown that we might have the biggest chance of finding most suitable candidates in these countries. The selected countries are a focus, but we are not restricted and will accept and review candidates from any country.

Can you tell me a bit more about your client?

At this stage we can share only a few key characteristics, which are reflected in the imagery of the quest and the information on the website. During the process, more information will be shared with our candidates.

What happens when I register as a candidate?

You will receive contact confirmation via e-mail, and we would like to know more about yourself. Our dedicated Ivy campaign contact will invite you to start a private dialogue. An introduction can take place, and we will meet you in person in order to really get to know you. Rest assured, we will safeguard your information at all times and will treat it with the highest level of confidentiality.

What happens during the process?

Over the course of several weeks, we will go through the applications of all candidates. A first selection and shortlist (picture, first name, short bio) is then presented to the client. Whether you are selected for the next round or not, you will hear from us. If you are, we will proceed to a detailed interview. At this stage, you will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract ensuring your privacy at all times. We want to stress that we treat you with the same respect and care as we do our client. Let’s be clear on the fact that this search, however conducted by our client – is a two-way exercise. We want you, and our client, to be equally excited about meeting. You are of course free to step out at any stage, whenever you feel this is not right for you.

Based on the in-depth interviews, we present the final selection to our client after several rounds of research. At that stage, if both our client and yourself agree to meet, personal details will be exchanged, and a first date will be arranged. If there is more than one perfectly suited candidate selected, we are going to introduce one at a time. After that, you can begin dating regularly, which will hopefully be followed by taking the next steps towards a long-lasting relationship

What happens to my personal information?

Ivy Relations takes privacy very seriously. All your personal details will remain strictly confidential during the entire procedure – even for the client. He will only receive your contact details at the very final stage and only upon your consent to a meeting.

Will the “winner” be publicly announced?

This campaign is really about our client’s quest for true love. Therefore, we would not use the word ‘winner’ when it comes to the final match because this quest is not just a game or a competition. It’s a campaign to find someone’s accomplice in love!

We do understand your curiosity but we will never disclose the identity of the client or any of the candidates. Ivy Relations’s clients count on them to act discretely and with the highest level of professionalism.

How important are looks?

If this was only about looks, our client wouldn’t really need us. We all know that the right match goes far beyond appearances, but let’s be serious: physical appearance is indeed one of the initial filters. Attraction that triggers a spark is essential for a successful relationship. Although attraction can develop over time, that ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ has to be there from the beginning. So why waste precious time if we already know what our client is looking for? Some women prefer men with hair and others have a thing for tall men. Everybody has preferences – we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Why would a man like Him even need Ivy Relations?

We get this question a lot and the answer is quite simple: our clients realize that we can help them find a suitable partner faster and increase the chances for long-lasting success of the relationship. This specific man finds it hard to meet the kind of woman with whom he wants to spend his life, and also wants to be sure about her motivations.

How does Ivy Relations know who to match their client with?

Good question! It’s an extensive procedure. First of all, it’s important for Ivy to really get to know each client on a deep and personal level. During a very profound conversation, we talk about the client’s professional and personal history, hobbies, interests and preferences. What makes you smile? What moves you? What attracts you, and so on?

You are right- it sounds like quite an intense first date. But these questions are necessary to complete the client’s profile and define what the client is actually looking for in a partner. Consequently, Ivy Relations gets on with the pursuit of the perfect match!

What is Ivy Relations?

After her divorce, founder and CEO Inga Verbeeck was struggling to find love so she enlisted the help of a matchmaking agency. In 2015, she decided to start a truly professional service, more than what is conventionally offered, and that’s how Ivy was born! Our Ivy Relations team now consists of Inga Verbeeck and 15 matchmakers and brand ambassadors, who are based all over the world.

Did you know that all our non-Belgian co-workers at the Antwerp headquarters moved to Belgium for love?


Ivy Relations is the engine behind ‘Accomplices in love’, the quest for an elegant young woman who is looking to find love with a sophisticated, successful man.

Ivy Relations is a global, innovative matchmaking agency, a devoted partner offering a range of unique & bespoke services to assist the world’s elite in achieving their personal goals.