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''Our time is limited and life is precious; it shouldn’t be lived alone. It takes two to become accomplices in love.''

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Ivy Relations is a global, innovative matchmaking agency, a devoted partner offering a range of unique & bespoke services to assist the world’s elite in achieving their personal goals.

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accomplices in love

What we do

Ivy Relations is the engine behind ‘Accomplices in love’, the quest for an elegant young woman who is looking to find love with a sophisticated, successful man.

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If you are tired of swiping or being swiped, or simply desire to be supported in a personal and valuable manner in your quest for love; then Ivy might be the right choice for you! Maybe today is the day you take matters into your own hands and make things happen! Forget about prejudice, disregard taboos; it’s 2020. Find out if Ivy’s service offering holds the right formula for you. Enquire today!
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