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'In a world of algorithms, hashtags & followers, know the true importance of human connection." - Unknown

We believe that life is not complete without love, passion and profound requited relationships. We know that genuine connections are hard to find and we know that finding your partner in crime can be an elusive quest, even more so for successful and high-flying persons. But we know that a perfect partner with shared values, a similar lifestyle and perhaps a like-minded philosophy really is out there for each of us – in more ways than one.

With a vast global network of high-caliber clients and contacts across the globe, we can broaden your horizon significantly. We have the ability to connect people that would not meet in the normal course of life, which simply allows for extraordinary things to happen.

With a bespoke service designed to each of our member’s individual requirements we are here to coach, guide, inspire, at times challenge as well as instigate our clients. It’s all about investing in yourself and your future. Everything we do is personal, discrete and executed with the highest level of professionalism.

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Ivy is your one-stop, one-of-a-kind expert confidant, supporting you discretely in order to live your personal life to the fullest. Ivy has designed a unique diagnostic process allowing your personal Ivy mentor to escort you diligently and effectively throughout your individually created program.
Ivy is the expert personal consulting agency of choice for leading professionals and high net worth individuals across the globe. Our members enjoy a personal service and access to a unique and established network of high calibre and leading individuals who share similar standards. Connecting on the highest level, without a digital footprint.
Finding your true love
At Ivy we take matchmaking to a new level, and across various fields. The revival and remodelling of matchmaking is Ivy’s DNA. We are truly universal: Ivy’s matchmaking service has no borders nor boundaries, not geographically nor otherwise. We advocate the revival of old-school etiquette, with a modern twist!
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If you are tired of swiping or being swiped, or simply desire to be supported in a personal and valuable manner in your quest for love; then Ivy might be the right choice for you! Maybe today is the day you take matters into your own hands and make things happen! Forget about prejudice, disregard taboos; it’s 2020. Find out if Ivy’s service offering holds the right formula for you. Enquire today!
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