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Accomplices in love is all about finding true and complementary love for our client; an active, youthful 60-year-old man with great respect for mind and body and a strong physique, who has now decided to take a step back from his highly successful professional career and focus on his personal goals.

His identity

Discretion is key for our client. That is why we cannot provide you with too many details, or any identifiable information. Our client is someone who cares for his privacy, and feels his life is his own – and shouldn’t be put in the spotlights. At the same time, the main thing which is missing in his life – and that is why he invested in this project; an anonymous, amorous headhunting campaign.

Ivy’s role is to attract suitable candidates, learning more about them and introducing selected profiles. During this process you as a candidate will find our more about our client. At any point during the process you can withdraw. And before accepting a potential meeting you will know enough about our client in order to make your own, well-informed decision!

What we can say is that he is a sophisticated, down-to-earth, responsible man in search of a gracious young woman. He seeks a true-life partner, with whom he can share his passions and devotion to world heritage as well as the simple pleasures in life. This hard working, warm-hearted and dedicated man hopes to find that special someone who stands by his side through every aspect of life.

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Travelling to breath-taking places, enjoying the wind on your face as you’re sailing the seas and spending time in nature. Wouldn’t you appreciate these things more when there is someone with you who you love and who loves you? When coming out of the pool after a lovely morning swim, wouldn’t you feel treasured when someone holds up a towel for you? Isn’t the joy of listening to a beautiful piece of music heightened by having someone to share your sighs with? Isn’t the surge of emotions when looking at a moving piece of art even stronger when you have a like-minded partner with whom to discourse about it? Life isn’t complete without love; it’s simply in our DNA. If you have always envisioned your future partner in crime as a hardworking, cultured and devoted man, then our client might be just who you’ve been seeking. Our client loves life and is looking for a harmonious soul who shares his passions. A loving, caring and family-oriented woman with passions and an interest in the world, who likes to converse, travel and explore. Someone who can be a vision at a ball, yet happily puts on her boots for a nature walk. Together. Because it takes two to become one.
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